About Hoof to Heart Horsemanship

Our mission here at Hoof to Heart Horsemanship is education, for both horse and rider. We want to instill the knowledge and understanding that is required for owners to enjoy their horses safely and confidently.


We wish to inspire you to reach higher, think smarter and dig deeper for a more meaningful connection with our equine companions. We offer the following:

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Antonick is a CHA certified Level 4 English with jumping, and Level 3 Western Instructor. She has spent the last 20 years immersing herself in her passion. Driving cattle, starting colts, guiding for outfitters, and eventually developing a love for three day eventing and dressage.

Stephanie has had the priviledge of working with many exceptional mentors, coaches, and horses. Most recently, Stephanie travelled to Portugal to study the art of Classical Dressage at Quinto Du Brejo (home of Nuno Oliviera) with \Nuno’s protege Tomas Alarcão.

Stephanie is a big advocate for personal growth and development. She spends countless hours every year honing her skills at clinics, seminars, and lectures. Her philosophy is “ the more you know, the more you realize how little you know.”

Anyone who has associated with Stephanie can attest to her passion and devotion to horses, her students, and the equestrian arts.

Inspiring and igniting passion in others has become her life’s work. As long as there are others who share her thirst for knowledge, Stephanie will continue her journey through horsemanship and hopes she never finds the end

Inspiring Riders

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