Horse Training

Horse & Rider Communication

75% of conflict between horse and rider is miscommunication, or lack there of. A horse that understands what is asked of him will almost always oblige if it is something he is physically and mentally prepared to do. The other 25% is created by pushing a horse to far too fast mentally or physically. It is through clear and concise communication and realistic expectations that a horse can develop confidence in his partner and learn to trust.

Learning Horsemanship Skills

I like to think of horsemanship as teaching a child a new language. One would do their best to keep the child curious and engaged so as not to dull their interest or ruin their “try”. You cannot be harsh or chastise them for their mistakes nor ask them to speak sentences before they learn words. You certainly would never punish a child for not learning fast enough, a good teacher will alter the curriculum to the fit child’s learning needs and patterns.

Laying the Foundation

Foundation training is all about laying down a solid base of communication. It is upon those bricks that we can create a beautiful language, a language that opens the heart and the mind and creates bonds that last a lifetime.

Colt starting and tune ups, English or Western, competitive or pleasure. Stephanie can create a custom program to facilitate the needs of both horse and rider.

Training includes Board and feed. Access to indoor and outdoor arena, full race track, crown land, KVR and endless miles of varying terrain.

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