Young Riders Program

Young Riders Program

Program Overview

Bringing together the equestrian community has been a passion project for us for nearly a decade. Most members of the equestrian community can attest to the way horses enrich our lives. They teach us patience, confidence, perseverance, boundaries and responsibility, to name a few. They are our teachers, students, companions and therapists. 

Our Mission

The mission of our Young Riders Program is to provide opportunities for our youth to experience the joy of horsemanship. We hope to remove financial barriers and to give everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the sport and to develop their horsemanship skills within it. 

Our youth riding program will be providing funding opportunities for youth to get involved in a riding program, or for riders in a program to further their education and riding goals. 

We encourage our members to dream big and only be limited by the boundaries of their imaginations. 

How Will the Young Riders Program Benefit Your Child?

  • Financial Assistance
  • Offers a sense of community
  • Volunteer experience
  • Learning opportunities
  • Riding support
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Friendship and comradery

The journey through horsemanship is incredibly rewarding and there are very few sports that develop life skills in as many ways as horses do. 

Children learn empathy, compassion, boundaries, self control, leadership skills, fine motor skills, coordination, perseverance, dedication, responsibility, professionalism, sportsmanship, self motivation, conflict resolution and the list go on. 

We hope that our program will offer children opportunities their financial situations may have other wise made impossible. In return we wish to foster exemplary stewards of the sport who contribute to their communities and help to make the planet a better place. 

How Can you help? – Hoof to Heart will be hosting several Fundraisers through out the year. Follow us on our facebook page to stay current on our up coming events. 

Jerky Sales– We host several jerky sales throughout the year for some delicious AAA Jerky from a grass roots business in Alberta. Contact us today to get on the list for our next order!

Online Auction– This is an exciting event! Come bid on some fabulous auction items in a fun, fast and furious online bidding war! Not interested in bidding? No problem, we are always excepting donations of new and gently used items as well as gift certificates and services.

Worker Bee Donation-Have a task that needs doing? Perhaps your garden needs weeding, rocks need picking, or you have some other dreary task to tackle. Make a donation to our Young Riders Program and we provide you with a some very keen volunteers to help get it done. Ask us for details!