At Hoof to Heart Horsemanship we believe that good horsemanship includes every aspect of horse care. Over my years of experience I have become increasingly aware of what little knowledge most owners have about their horses hooves and even its basic anatomy. Eighty percent of the first time clients I see suffer from some form of pathology, that their owners are completely unaware of.

We instill a lot of blind faith in our farriers assuming that the needs of our horses are being met.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Poor farrier work isn’t always obvious and is often cumulative. By the time you notice a problem it’s probably too late.

Having a basic understanding of hoof anatomy and pathology is the only way you can ensure your horse is receiving the right care. Hoof care is an essential part of good horsemanship. As the old saying goes… No hoof no Horse..

Along with maintenance and rehabilitative trimming it has become my mission to educate the horse community on how to evaluate their horses hoof health and how to recognize poor farrier work.

Natural Hoof Care

Initial Consultation

Set up trim
$ 55
  • Set up trim


Pony or Horse
$ 45
  • Set up trim


Draft or Warmblood
$ 55
  • Set up trim

Anatomy / Pathology

  • On or off site
  • Minimum 10 participants
  • Contact us for pricing